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HID, HQI, Metal halide ballasts

HID Ballasts: mercury vapor, metal halide, high pressure sodium

balastros hidBrochure: Kleinstad HID Ballasts
_UL, CSA and NOM compliants; 1.75MB
(PDF / Spanish version only)

Our Kleinstad HID Ballasts are manufactured under national and international regulations like CSA, UL, NOM and ANSI, several are certified by all of them.

Some of our ballast's features:

  • Manufactured with prime quality Class "H" (180°C), Class "B" (130C) and Class"A" (90°C) raw materials.
  • High tension pulse for automatic start of lamp.
  • Silent operation.
  • High quality in manufacturing process and materials.
  • Easy installation.

In our brochure will find our wide range of ballasts including: high output, high energy efficiency, etc. Download our brochure to will find product that will satisfy your needs, actually we are developing english version, anyway if require assistance please contact us.



High efficiency

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